• Nutri Magnus :

    :  Magnesium Sulphate (9.6% Magnesium)

    Available Packing :  Foliar Spray - 1 Kg, 25 Kgs & 50 Kgs.

    Crops Used  :  All Crops.

    Dosage & Method of Application :

    a) Foliar Spray :  Dissolve 3.0- 5.0 gm of  Nutri Magnus per 1 litre of water. First spray 20-25 days after transplantation. Repeat another two sprays at an interval of 10-15 days and give 2-3 sprays during cropping seasons. In case of cotton 3 sprays are helpful in controlling red leaf disease.

    b) Soil Application :  For field crops and oil seed crops 20-25 kg of magnus per acre.
    For Plantation : 150- 200 gm per annum per tree.

    Note : Magnesium deficiency occurs in areas with high rainfall or wet seasons, especially in light and acid soils.

    Benefits : Magnesium is the central atom of chlorophyll. Magnesium is necessary to achieve high concentrations of starch in potatoes, sugar beet and fats in oil seeds.